Nature has blessed us with wonderful ingredients, why not start the journey to creating delicious

and healthy dishes.


Dedicated to giving you confidence and sharing natures wonders ... Ladda

Sending big hugs with lots of love to y'all.

Meet Ladda


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I love to create delicious and healthy food dishes from the many simple natural ingredients that are so freely available, yet so often neglected. 

After getting married, I left my native Thailand to travel the world and have had the privilege of living and learning so much in many wonderful countries, including Taiwan, Spain, Qatar, Ireland, USA, UK and UAE.

As a married mother of four children, I understand how difficult it is to manage a busy schedule whilst also trying to balance the need for a healthy lifestyle. Notwithstanding the challenges of modern life, my sincere goal is to show you that the fusion of simple natural ingredients can create delicious and healthy dishes.

I personally invite you on a journey to explore and enjoy this experience as part of my family. From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you so much for visiting my website. Sending big hugs with lots of love to y'all.


Simply Natural Food

At times, the demands of modern life seem too much. A healthy lifestyle appears elusive yet this is so far from reality. Nature has blessed us with an abundance of wonderful ingredients, available at our fingertips but we are not confident  to explore and create wonderful food dishes that we can share with our families, friends and loved ones.


At simply natural food, my goal is that you will gain the confidence  to create great delicious and healthy food.

Start the Journey


Change is not easy, we prefer to stay within our comfort zones.

Sometimes we forget that life is an adventure and that we should make the most of every moment.


Why not come join me on this exciting journey to take control of your life and start creating delicious and healthy food dishes.